Angelic Karma & DNA Release

Workshop that sets you free from Karmic
bonds through Archangel Michael

Facilitated by
Paschalis Kazakopoulos
Frixos Christodoulou

In our days many angels and archangels have committed to be born as humans, while many children that were born the last 4-5 years of the earthly time originate from the Kingdom of Angels and Archangels.

While these angels and archangels born with human form, enjoy an unfamiliar expression of freedom, an unfamiliar freedom concerning the way of acting.
Understand that angels and archangels were created from Mother Goddess/Father God in order to accomplish some duties and during that mission they were not given enough space regarding the way of acting.

Many people know who is Archangel Michael, while there are many reports in Christian writings and many drawings on churches with stained glass and on cathedrals. But most people don't realize his position and how many other archangels are under his command.

Someone could say that he has under his commandt many legions of light, many legions of angels, which their mission is protection, transformation and the surveillance of love plan under the viewpoint of cosmic plan and the whole creation. The cosmic plan for all creation is focusing, of course, on love absorption, unconditional love of our self. Additionally, another task that Archangel Michael and his legions have is the protection of people.









Some may wonder:

-Why do I need Archangel Michael's protection?

-Why do I even need protection?

The answer to this question is that some people have gathered enough love in their heart so they are indissoluble, invulnerable from the energies of darkness, and don't need protection.

But the truth is that many people still need around them the energies of light and love and so to intercept the conflicting energies and the energies that were detached from the Source. Many of you might wonder why Mother Goddess/Father God allows the action of discordant energies in the context of creation.

That happens because of free will. Also understand that Mother Goddess/Father God lives in every part of his/her creation and does not judge, He/she just lives and loves. Additionally, there are many, where in that period, which is known as fall, undertook the commitment to create these conflicting energies, to infuse fear in people's hearts that are not developed enough to love themselves.

That's where fear emanates in the hearts of some people when they hear words such as ‘alien', ‘Lucifer', ‘obstacle'. These words cause fear, which equals with impoverishment... because they still haven't assimilate love for themselves and continue to go through karma laws.


The Karma Laws

They are simple… is the law of cause and result. If you throw a stone into a lake, waves will appear instantly around the insertion spot of the stone inside the water. This is a proof of cause and result.

The laws of cause and result were consecrated so everyone will bear the fruits of their actions. And when we say ‘Bear the fruits of their actions’, we mean that, these fruits will not always be the desirable awards. So it is time absolution to be given from Karmic Council. The head of the Karmic Council is a being that its name is known to many of you. The head of Karmic Council is Quan Yin, the Goddess of compassion. Many of you may know her as Virgin Mary of China.

Within her charity she decided to give Absolution now to all humans, and then all people can, if they desire, to get rid of the laws of cause and result.

But you must understand with which way you will get away from these laws. Your decision to stay captivated under these bonds, it is what binds you with your thoughts, words and acts, from them moment you were created and came to this planet till today. These energetic bonds bind you through your charkas and hold you handcuffed, they bind you energetically with other beings, beings that you must recompense equally. Even when balance is achieved, sometimes freedom from bonds does not exist.

Someone would say that it’s time to forgive yourselves from your sins. I say ‘sins’ because you have heard gospels from priests of Christianity, but you have heard gospels from priests, that control Christianity.

They told you that you are sinners, that you can be born, you cannot incarnate on planet Earth if you are sinful. From many points of view this is true. However your birth is not equal with Mother’s Goddess/Father’s God punishment for your misdeeds and mistakes with energy. You are not punished and you don’t return on this planet to experience bad situations or things that don’t make you happy, that are not happy experiences.

Every one of you makes a conscious choice, the I AM PRESENCE inside you is, of course, that which makes you reincarnate in a human form and receive lessons. You could realize or equate the incarnation or reincarnation with school class.

When you went to school for the first time, you learnt the basics for interaction with others, what it is demanded from you to society, what do they demand from you, same people of your race… but only the basics, and later you graduate from first class and you continue to the next class to learn other things.

You acquire mathematical skills, communication skills. We let, of course, outside the energies that are penetrating your soul to control you. With other words, could someone say that when you live on earth, whether you learn or sit at the last desk of the classroom and do nothing. But if you are jubilant students, sit at the front, and absorb knowledge, you learn and then you will be guided to what we call death.

This is your graduation and then you realize that you still have many things to learn and that’s why you move to the next grade, you reincarnate, you study the next grade and if you are jubilant and diligent students, you learn whatever it’s needed to be learnt and afterwards you die and graduate for one more time. Thereupon you decide to come back and study the next class and learn.

While you study, you learn how to balance your experiences. You realize that it is desirable not to do things to other people that you don’t like to do others to you. Some students need more time, some others decide to diddle on the way enjoying the scenery and some others choose to travel fast. We don’t judge anybody, both ways are legitimate, every path is perfect for each one and Mother Goddess/Father God stands ruthful without judging and forgives everything, even before you do them – someone could say.  

You are those that hold sins in your heart and when you go to priests and ask them about sins or you confess your sins, they never talk you about freedom that someone gets after balancing these energies. So it’s time, earthly brothers and sisters, its time to forgive yourselves, it’s time to feel innocence, because what is sin? Sin is something that you hold inside us, it’s an abstracted idea you have as human beings. Sin in reality is the feeling of guilt. It’s time to get rid of these contracts, all the bonds, all conditions… all vows of compunction.

There is no reason to assure that you are ready for prosperity if you continue to keep strong poverty vows. There is no reason to assure that you are already open to receive love when you sworn in the past that you will not be open to receive love, because these vows, if they don’t revoke, they will continue to have effects. They were recorded in Akashic Records, they were written down in your personal files. Understand that these obstacles are created by you.

Now, when we talk about bonds with other beings, we mean that when somebody hurts another being, either physically, spiritually or emotionally, creates a bond with him. Have in mind, that many people forget the fact that these bonds may have duration of ten years due to the absence of forgiveness to ourselves.

As well, many people don’t realize that when they make love with another man/woman a bond is created through the first chakra of the base, and their second sexual chakra which bond may last at least 7 to 10 years. That’s why some people show uncontrollable sexual behavior. This is not recommended to be judged but to be observed. Our human body exists in order to enjoy it. It’s not bad to enjoy your human body, not bad to have fun with your body.

Understand that it is not desirable to make love with someone physically when the energy of Love is absent. When I say, “it is not desirable”, I pinpoint that these bonds hold you handcuffed and while your partners meet their emotional and spiritual development, you, with your turn feel the energies that emanate from these tasks and through these bonds. We will guide you during this therapy within a visualization, to cut all bonds that hold you back, to cancel all poverty oaths, all oaths you took that didn’t let you love, all silence oaths and every oath you made to ignore your emotional body.

Cellular Memory and DNA Cleansing

In Cellular Memory and in DNA are stored our parent's memories till the moment of conception. In these memories are contained all their fears, anger, misapprehensions, all the standards of enemies that they created through their experiences of war etc. The same was applied for the generation of our ancestors, since every ancestor was carrying all the paragon of his parents. While we ask for cleansing from issues that came up from our parent's lives, we purify every one of them separately beyond place and time limits.

In our cellular memory and our DNA code, the process of human race Karma is happening, therefore by asking cleansing to that level, we offer service to human race. In addition, in our DNA code there are bonds with every species that live on Earth and on 383 Ascended Planets on 5 Local Universes.Therefore, this cleansing will function as a catalyst for every being on these Ascended Planets.

The workshop contains:

  • Full DNA cleansing all of the existing karmic matters that we are ready to remove.
  • Meditation for heart opening and attunement with Angelic Kingdom & with Galactic Healers of Light.
  • Channelling Meditation to open our hearts to the flow of unconditional Love!







Paschalis Kazakopoulos is a spiritual coordinator and Angelic Healer, a modern clairvoyant of the 21st century, which has a deep personal and dynamic relationship with Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and the Galactic beings of light and infinity. His spiritual roots are found in the Angelic Kingdom of Light and that allows him, to be in straight contact with Teachings and channel Healing Energies.

Frixos Christodoulou is an Angelic Healer, which has a deep personal and dynamic relation with Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom. His spiritual roots are found in Angel's community and he holds the Light Diamond of Shamballa and the Angelic energies of Love. Through this he channels his workshops and Healing Energies, and he brings the energy of Unconditional Love for everyone to experience.

Paschalis Kazakopoulos & Frixos Christodoulou are Healing Counselors: Aura - Soma (International Academy of Arts, Science & colour Technologies) ,Spiritual Response Therapy (S.R.T.) Alternative Healers: Angelic Reiki Master Teachers, Egyptian Golden heart Merkabah of Creation Master Teachers, Angelic essences Master-Teacher, Master-Teachers of Spiritual Ascension), Kundalini Reiki Master-Teachers, Tachyon Reiki Master-Teachers, Dophin Reiki Master-Teachers, Seichim Reiki Master-Teachers, Etheric Crystal Healers.