Zitrone now serves delicious tea
and organic coffee, esspresso,
salads and sandwiches!

Omirou 36B, CY-3095 Limassol

Tel: 25 820 339 Fax: 25 820 338,
email: zitrone.acha@cytanet.com.cy





ZITRONE Natural Life

“You are what you eat!” (Ludwig Feuerbacher)

Natural, organic food is essential for a healthy nutrition and a healthy body. More than that, care of Body Mind & Spirit as whole is the ultimate meaning of life. It is not only what you eat but also what you think, how you behave and if you are in balance with your spirit and the nature.

ZITRONE supports your personal balance and nutrition with natural products (80% of the items you will find are German brands imported for the first time in Cyprus) and qualified advice.

Stemming from their love of the environment and mankind, Antonis Antoniades and his wife, Dr. Christothea Antoniadou (biologist & health food specialist), created Zitrone with the aim of offering the best there is in the field of health and organic nutrition.

Having lived in Germany for many years their experience in the field of healthy living enables them to provide sound information and advice.

At Zitrone you can find:

A wide selection of organic grains & flour & pasta
Gluten free- flour, biscuits, bread, pasta & cereals
Wholemeal bread
Organic nuts and seeds
Organic Dried fruits
Organic Pulses
Fresh organic fruits and vegetables
Organic Honey and honey by- products
Organic Olive oil
Organic Specialty Teas & Coffee
Organic Wine
A variety of natural organic fruit and vegetable juices
Natural skin care products for men & women
Natural sun protection lotions
Environmentally friendly detergents

Of course, beauty comes from inside, but if you would like to enhance it you can do so without introducing the harmful toxins that many beauty products contain. Zitrone stocks a full range of natural cosmetics from the well-known German company Annemarie Börlind

Zitrone also provides specialized foods and food supplements to support various specific diets and treatments.

Besides food for the body, at Zitrone you can also find food for the spirit -
Treatments in a specially designed room, our meditation group and a relaxing atmosphere offer you the possibility to gain new experiences and develop your abilities.

Are you ready for ZITRONE?


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